Dorsami Naidu

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Dorsami Naidu
Dorsami Naidu
Dorsami Naidu
Nationality Fiji Citizen
Jaati Hindustani
Citizen Fiji Citizen
Parrhai ke jagha University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Kaam Wakiil
Kon saal me kaam karis 1992 - present
Home town Nadi
Kaahe jaana jaae hae Politician, Wakiil
Party National Federation Party
Dharam Hindu
Fiji ke Hindustani






Political Activist


Dorsami Naidu,Fiji ke ek wkiil, politician aur social worker hae. Uu Fiji Law Society ke President hae.

1983 me uu University of Canterbury se wakiili pass kar ke law practice suruu karis. 1985 me uu aapan law firm, Pillay, Naidu and Associates ke suruu karis.

1992 ke election me, uu NFP ke bagal se House of Representatives me chuna gais.November 1993 following the debate on the 1994 Budget, he called for a division or vote on the Budget. This led to the defeat of the 1994 Budget, and the fall of the Rabuka Government, resulting in snap general elections in February 1994. He was a member of the Parliamentary Justice, Law & Order Committee. [1]

1994 ke election me uu National Federation Party ke taraf se Nadi Urban Indian Constituency ke jiit ke Fiji ke House of Representatives ke member banaa.

1999 ke election aur 2001 ke election me uu Nadi Urban Indian Communal Constituency se kharra bhais lekin Fiji Labour Party ke candidate se haar gais rahaa.

On 2 July 2005, he resigned as President of he NFP after he was accused of indecently assaulting an office worker. [2] He was subsequently acquitted of the charges against him [3]

February 2006 me uu University of Fiji ke Council ke member rahaa.

8 April 2007 ke, Naidu ke T.I.S.I. Sangam ke National Pesident chuna gais rahaa. [4]

27 September 2008 - Former National Federation Party leader Dorsami Naidu has been voted the new president of the Fiji Law Society at its annual general meeting in Sigatoka today. Naidu replaces Isireli Fa who did not attend today’s meeting [5]

Uu Fiji Law Society ke President hae aur uske April 2009 me Society ke member logan ke lage ek chhthi like ke khatir jisme uu ii batais ki Fiji ke President ke Fiji ke judge ke sack kare ke taagat nai hae, uske ek raat ke khatir jahel me rakkha gais rahaa. [6]

The president of Fiji’s Law Society says the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption, or FICAC, is acting outside its area of responsibility. Dorsami Naidu made the comments after FICAC charged a Fiji member of the International Commission of Jurists, Imrana Jalal, and her husband with operating a restaurant without a licence. [7]

September 2009 me Despite having its AGM cancelled due to the withdrawal of its permit, the members of the Fiji Law Society have reelected Mr Dorsami Naidu as President for another term via postal ballot. [8]

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