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Jerusalem, Israel ke capital city hae. Ii city ek pahaarr pe hae jiske kinare dher valley hae. Ii tiin khaas dharam khatir important hae. Ii abhi Israel aur West Bank me baatal hae.

Itihaas[badlo | source ke badlo]

Jerusalem ek bahut purana city hae. Ii Judaism, Christianity aur Islam khatir important jagha hae. Bible batawe hae ki King David, Israel ke duusra raja, ii city ke pagan log se lae ke appan mahal huan pe banais. King Solomon, David ke larkaa aur aglaa raja, Temple in Jerusalem ke banais. Baad me jab ii Judah ke capital rahaa tab Jerusalem ke Babylon ke raja barbaad kar diis rahaa. King David ke mahal aur and the Solomon ke MAndir ke jarae dwa gais rahaa.

Baad me ii jagha ke Romans log capture kar linn rahaa. King Herod the Great, jon ki Roman Emperor ke khatir raaj karat rahaa, Mandir ke barraa karis aur Jews log ke aapan side laae ke kosis karis. Jesus Christ, AD 33 me Jeruslem me maraa rahaa. AD 70 me the Jews log rebel kar diin lekin Roman log city aur Temple ke barbaad kar diin. Jewish people who lived in Jerusalem were caught and became slaves. The Romans renamed Jerusalem with a Latin name. Since then, the Temple hasn't been rebuilt, and only a part of its wall remains until today.

After the Roman Empire was split into two, the Byzantine Empire ruled Jerusalem. Later, Muslims took over the city from them. The Muslims believed Muhammad went to heaven from Jerusalem.

Later, the Pope in Rome sent the Crusaders from Western Europe to try and take it back. They succeeded for a while, but eventually the city fell again to the Saracens. Until the 20th century, Jerusalem was a part of the Ottoman Empire. There were some Jews in Jerusalem all along, even though they were ruled by other people.

The Western Wall with the Dome of the Rock behind it

The "New City" of Jerusalem is the part outside the old stone walls. People started building the new city in the 1800s. Mishkenot Sha'annanim, Mea Shearim, and the Bukharan Quarter are some of the first neighborhoods in the new city.

After World War II, the United Nations let Jewish people from Europe, many of whom lived through the Holocaust, make a country in Israel alongside the Palestinian Arabs.

Jerusalem is pronounced "Yerushalayim" in Hebrew.

All buildings in Jerusalem have special Jerusalem stone on them.