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Anguilla, ek paanch island ke jhund hae, jiske Caribbean Sea me pawa jaae hae. Ii island pe Great Britain raaj kare hae.

Anguilla ek dafe Saint Kitts and Nevis ke hissa rahaa lekin 1980 me ii alag hoe gais. Anguilla wanted to still be a part of Great Britain, and Saint Kitts and Nevis wanted to be independent.

It is named after the Spanish word for "eel", because it has such a shape.

Politics[badlo | source ke badlo]

The queen of the United Kingdom is the ruler of Anguilla, but she works through a governor. She names, or appoints the governor, and he is just working there in her place. The legislature is elected by the people, has 11 members, and is called the House of Assembly.

Economy[badlo | source ke badlo]

Anguilla gets most of its money from fishing and tourism.

Culture[badlo | source ke badlo]

Most people in Anguilla are Protestants, and speak English.

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