Christmas Island

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Territory of Christmas Island
Flag of Christmas Island
Motto: Research and Discovery
Anthem: Advance Australia Fair
Location of Christmasisland
Status Australian territory
Capital Flying Fish Cove
Largest city The Settlement
Official bhasa English
Commissioner Neil Lucas
Shire President Gordon Thomson
Area 135 square kilometers
Population 1.493 (2006 est)
Currency Australian dollar AU$
utc_offset +7
internettld .cx
calling_code 61
Poon Saan shops

Territory of Christmas Island ek chhota island hae jon ki Australia ke niche hae. Ii Indian Ocean me, Perth se 2600 kms northwest aur Jakarta se 500kms south me hae.

Lag bhag 1,600 log Christmas Island me rahe hae, jaada kar ke "settlement areas", island ke north me:

  • Flying Fish Cove (jiske Kampong ke naam se bhi jaana jaawe hae)
  • Settlement
  • Silver City
  • Poon Saan
  • Drumsite.

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