Dominican Republic

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República Dominicana
Dominican Republic
Flag Coat of arms
Jhanda Coat of arms
Des ke jaankari
Des ke motto: Dios, Patria y Libertad (Spanish)
God, Homeland and Freedom
National anthem: Himno Nacional (Spanish)
"National Anthem"
Log ke baare me
Official bhasa: Spanish
  - Total: {{{populationtotal}}}
country map
Hian pe des ke dunia ke map me dekhawa jaawe hai.
Capital City: Santo Domingo
Sab se barraa City: Santo Domingo
  - Total: 48,730 (ranked 131)
  - Water: 350 km² (0.72%)
Politics / Government
Established: - Haiti se ajaadi: 27 February 1844
-Independence from Spain:
Leader: President: Leonel Fernández Reyna
Economy / Money
Paisa ke naam: Dominican peso (RD$)
International information
Time ke zone: UTC-4
Telephone ke dialing code: 1 (809), 1 (829)
Internet domain: .do

Dominican Republic (Spanish: República Dominicana, Caribbean island ke Hispaniola island ke ek des hae Iske capital city, aur sab se barraa city, Santo Domingo hae. Hian pe Spanish me baat karaa jaawe hae.

History[badlo | edit source]

Hispaniola ke Christopher Columbus 5 December 1492 ke dekhis rahaa.

National holidays[badlo | edit source]

Date Spanish name Local name Remarks
January 1 New Year's Day New Year's Day Non-working day.
January 6 Epiphany Three Magi Day Movable.
January 21 Our Lady of High Grace La Altagracia's Day Non-working day. A Catholic holiday in honor of Our Lady of High Grace, Patroness of the Dominican People.
January 26 Juan Pablo Duarte's Birthday Juan Pablo Duarte's Day Movable.
February 27 National Independence Independence's Day Non-working day.
Variable date Good Friday Good Friday Non-working day. A Christian (Catholic) holiday.
May 1 International Labor Day Labor Day Movable.
Variable date Corpus Christi Feast of Corpus Non-working day. A Catholic holiday. A Thursday of June (60 days after Easter).
August 16 Nacional Restoration Restoration Day Non-working day.
September 24 Our Lady of Mercy Las Mercedes' Day Non-working day. A Catholic holiday in honor of Our Lady of Mercy, Patroness of the Dominican Republic.
November 6 First Dominican Constitution Constitution Day Movable.
December 25 Christmas Christmas Day Non-working day. Many people, both Christians and some people who are not Christians, celebrate Christmas as a winter holiday of peace, friendship, and gift-giving.


  • The non-working holidays are not moved to another day.
  • If a movable holiday falls on Saturday, Sunday or Monday then it is not moved to another day. If it falls on Tuesday or Wednesday, the holiday is moved to the previous Monday. It it falls on Thursday or Friday, the holiday is moved to the next Monday.

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