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Fiji ke Hindustani






Political Activist

Harnam Singh Golian
Nationality Fiji Citizen
Jaati Hindustani
Citizen Fiji Citizen
Kaahe jaana jaae hae Politician, businessman
Dharam Sikh

Harnam Singh Golian, Fiji ke ek Hindustani politician rahaa. 1992 ke election me uu National Federation Party ke ticket pe Nasinu East/Rewa East Indian Constituency se Fiji ke House of Representatives me chuna gais rahaa. Uu 1999 talak House of Representatives ke member rahaa.

Harnam Singh Golian, another former NFP militant, expressed ‘gratitude’ to the GCC ‘who have been a source of vision, inspiration, and a pillar of strength in the [constitution] review process, and to whom the whole nation looks…as a symbol of national unity and togetherness’[1]

1995 me, Fiji ke Constitutional Review Committee ke submission me Singh bhi ii maang karis ki "People of Fiji ought to be declared of equal value and a government should be elected by democratic means" [2]

1999 ke election me uu Nasinu Rewa Open Constituency se kharraa bhais rahaa lekin Fiji Labour Party ke candidate se haar gaus rahaa.[3]

Golian abhi New Zealand me rahe hae jahan pe uu samaj sewa me involved hae. Uu New Zealand-Fiji Community Support Services and Projects ke ek agua hae jon ki aiming to provide free funeral services for its members and their families in Auckland. [4]

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