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Thakurji, NAMASTE!! aur Wikipedia me aap ka Swagat hai! Aap ke yogdaan khatir aap ka dhanyawaad hai. Ham asha karta hai ki aap ii jagah ka pasand karega aur aapan yogdaan jaari rakhega. Niche ka suchi mae kuch panna hai jiske sait aap kaam me laega:

Ham asha karta hai ki aap nawaa article ke badle ke like karega aur Wikipedian bane bhi like karega! Aap aapan baat waala panna char tildes (~~~~) se sign karna; aur ii automatically aap ke username aur date ke insert kar di. Agar aap madat mangta hai tab w:Questions ke dekho, nai to hamse hamaar baat waala panna me, hamse sawaal kare sakta hai nai to ii panna me sawal karke aur {{helpme}} ke sawaal ke aage likh dena.

Aap ke fir se swagat hai!

==Translation request == Greetings Thakurji!Could I ask you to translate the first paragragh of this article into Fiji Hindi?It is listed in m:List of articles every Wikipedia should have.If you want me to translate any article into Vahcuengh,tell me. Thank you very much!--za:User:Biŋhae

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Thanks for helping make Wikipedia better. Enjoy your research! Cheers, Ocaasi 02:26, 23 August 2012 (UTC)

Article translation/collaboration request[source ke badlo]

Hi Thakurji, how are you? Mate, I am trying to find an editor/s who can help by translating User:Russavia/Polandball into Fiji Hindi. I was wondering if we could make a collaborative trade?

If you could translate that article into Fiji Hindi for me, I would be happy to upload approximately 50 Fijian aviation photos to Commons from amongst the 200,000 I have permission to upload. I have uploaded a number of photos to give you a brief idea of what I can upload, and I am keeping a gallery at User:Russavia of photos uploaded.

Would you be interested in such a collaborative "trade"? Do let me know, either by responding here, or on my talk page, or by emailing me. Cheers, Russavia (talk) 09:34, 30 August 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Hi, Thank you for creating article about tamil bhasa. I'm grateful to you. I'm interested to create five articles of your interest in tamil wikipedia. Please post your comments on my talk page. Cheers! -தமிழ்க்குரிசில் (talk) 14:42, 17 November 2012 (UTC)

Hi! We are creating help templates in the Ido Wikipedia. Could you please translate the following one into Fiji Hindi?

Welcome to the Ido Wikipedia. Ido was first known as reformed Esperanto and was created in 1907 after seven years of deliberation by a committee of professors and linguists. You may notice that Ido looks somewhat like Esperanto, but with a number of differences including a complete lack of diacritical marks, the use of the letter 'q', along with many of the words themselves. If you are studying Ido and want to write for our Wikipedia, feel free! There are people here to correct your Ido should you make a mistake. Just use the Template:Revizo tag whenever you think your article could use some grammatical revision.The main site for the Ido language is located here, Ido publications are located here, and the English Wikipedia article on Ido is located here. A complete list of sites in Ido on the internet is located here. Lastly, the main reasons for choosing Ido over the more well-known Esperanto are summed up in this article.

If you need the translation of any article into Spanish, Ido or Catalan, just tell it o me.

Thanks --Chabi1 (talk) 10:41, 15 June 2013 (UTC)

Article requests for Fiji Hindi[source ke badlo]

Hi! Do you do article requests? I am looking for someone to write Fiji Hindi stubs of the following:

Thank you WhisperToMe (talk) 18:48, 2 August 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Hi, sorry writing in English. You mentioned that the above article had been translated from English but .... the text is all in English, is not something wrong with it? DARIO SEVERI (talk) 09:47, 20 July 2017 (UTC)