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الجمهورية اللبنانية
Al-Jumhūrīyyah al-Lubnānīyyah
Lebanese Republic
Flag Coat of arms
Jhanda Coat of arms
Des ke jaankari
National anthem: Kulluna lil-watan lil 'ula lil-'alam
Log ke baare me
Official bhasa: Arbii bhasa
Aur bhasa: French, English, Armenian
  - Total: {{{populationtotal}}}
country map
Hian pe des ke dunia ke map me dekhawa jaawe hai.
Capital City: Beirut
Sab se barraa City: Beirut
  - Total: 10,452 (ranked 166th)
Politics / Government
Established: 26 November 1941
France se ajaadi
Leader: President: Michel Aoun
Prime Minister: Tammam Salam
Economy / Money
Paisa ke naam: Lebanese pound
International information
Time ke zone: +2
Telephone ke dialing code: 961
Internet domain: .lb

Lebanon is a country in the Middle East (also called west Asia), on the Mediterranean Sea. It has a border with Israel to the south, and Syria to the east and north. Lebanon has been independent since 1943, and almost 4 million people live there. There are 16 million Lebanese people living in other countries. Its capital city is Beirut. Lebanon has 2 chaens of mountains. It is often called the ruby of the Middle East. It has a coastline stretching all the way up.The area of Lebanon is 10452 square kilometres. 59.70% of Lebanese people are Muslim and 39% are Christian[1]. The remaining 1.3% is made up of other religions including Judaism, Buddhism, and Bahá'í followers.

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