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Johannesburg, South Africa ke ek city hae, jon ki Gauteng Province ke capital hae . Iske4 October 1886 me suruu karaa gais rahaa. Hian pe JSE Securities Exchange hae, jon ki Africa ke sab se barraa stock exchange hae.

Johannesburg me Africa ke sab se uuncha office block, the Carlton Centre (50 stories) aur Hillbrow Tower (270 metres, or 90 stories) hae. The city is nicknamed Egoli, which means "place of gold". Forty percent of the world's gold has been found here. The Johannesburg Zoo was established in 1904, and historically, it has been owned and run by the city of Johannesburg. It houses the only two polar bears in Africa.

Johannesburg is not seen as a tourist centre in South Africa, but rather as a commercial centre.

Nelson Mandela died here on 5 December 2013, aged 95.

He was also given the "Freedom of the City" award.