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Filipino bhasa

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Spoken in Philippines
Native speakersFirst language: 25 million[1] Second language: over 60 million
Overall: 90 million[2]  (date missing)
Language family
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Writing systemLatin (Filipino variant)
Official status
Official language in Philippines
Regulated byCommission on the Filipino Language
(Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino)
Language codes
ISO 639-1tl[3]
ISO 639-2fil
ISO 639-3fil

Filipino bhasa ek bhasa hae jisme Philippines ke ek-tihaahi log baat kare hae. Ii bhasa me khaas kar ke Manila ke agal bagal ke log baat kare hae lekin des ke lagbhag sab log ii bhasa ke sanjhe hae. Ii bhasa ke Tagalog bhasa bhi bola jaawe hae, aur ii des ke national bhasa hae aur English bhasa ke saathe ek official bhasa hae.[4]

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