Central Morocco Tamazight

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Central Morocco Tamazight ek bhasa hae.

Central Atlas Tamazight
Naam ke bole ke dhang [tæmæˈzɪɣt], [θæmæˈzɪɣθ]
Spoken in  Morocco,
much fewer in:
Region Central Morocco – Middle Atlas
Total speakers 3 million
Language family Afro-Asiatic
Writing system Tifinagh, Latin, Arabic
Official status
Official language in None
Regulated by IRCAM
Language codes
ISO 639-2
ISO 639-3 tzm
Central Atlas Tamazight - EN.PNG

Central Atlas Tamazight (jiske Central Morocco Tamazight, Middle Atlas Tamazight, Tamazight, Central Shilha, aur, kabhiu kabhi, Braber; native naam: ⵜⴰⵎⴰⵣⵉⵖⵜ Tamazight ke naam se jaana jaawe hae) ek Berber bhasa hae.

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