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fiji archives me fiji me ane whala sabhi girmityan ke naam suchi hai

sabse se phile jameen ki kagaz se asli naam nikalo is me purani lease ki paper madat kari

is naam ko leejao aur who log madat kari

archieve me jahaaj aur india ke kis gao se ayen raha lika hai

If you have any friends in Sydney it will make things easier. All detials are on micro film in the State (Mitchell) liabrary for easy access. I have done the same type of research for my family history.

Tips Depends on how much information you already have. Seems like it would be easiest for you to find out the plantation where he worked and then look throught the plantation list and work backwards verifying againtst other documents that corresponding facts match up. It would even be feasible to look up all plantations in the area where he may have worked.

You need to have a bit of nouse for this type research and a lot of patience as well. For you it will be relativey easy as your are looking at the last few ship lists. the pass "passport number" is the key number that traces back through each different list to the "pass" which has the full details of the village they came from.

best of luck

PS I was quite successful in finding both sides of my family and did visit one side in India. Next trip side... more remote village....