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The Pic Signed With JDL[source ke badlo]

There is no proof this text was written by the JDL, or the JDL even had just something to dit with it. If it is not the work of the JDL it has nothing to do at the article of JDL. Everyone can write JDL on a wall with some racist texts above it. If one adds it to the article like this, the reader will see it as the work of the JDL. Which it most likely is not; at least there is no proof it is.

I can write some terrible racist stuff about black people on the wall and then sign it with "George W. Bush", make a pic of it and add it to the article about George W. Bush. That would, of course, not be accepted. Here happens the same. There is no proof at all that the JDL wrote this racist text, so one cannot link it to the JDL, neither in a quasi 'subtile' way.

Please some more opinions on this. SwedishSven 03:23, 25 January 2011 (UTC)