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The pummelo's botanical name is Citrus grandi, meaning "great citrus [fruit]." It would be natural to call the new pummelo variety a "greatfruit". It originated in Asia and is grown in many eastern countries including China, Japan, India, Fiji, Malaysia, and Thailand. It is also now grown in the Caribbean and in the United States, in California and Florida. Although it is most commonly known under the name of pummelo, depending on the region where it is grown, it is also called the pamplemousse, pomelo, Bali lemon, Limau besar, Chakotra and shaddock. Pomelos are produced from the pomelo tree, which is a tree that can grow to heights of up to 50 feet. Additionally, the pomelo tree produces very attractive, fragrant and large white colored flowers. These flowers are often used in Asia to make perfumes. Because the pummelo fruit is related to the grapefruit, it has a taste that is tangy. However, pomelo fruit is sweeter in taste than the grapefruit. Actually, pummelo fruits do not grow in grapelike clusters.

Nutrition Facts: Good source of Phytochemicals Good source of Vitamin C Fat free Fruit Facts Chakotra / Jeruk Bali / Grapefruit / Pomelo / Dabbakaya is indigenous to Indo - China, Thailand and Malaya, spreading across over to other hot countries. In recent years, the grapefruit has become established in India in hot regions. Characteristics Colour: Grapefruit comes in many varieties, determinable by colour, caused by the pigmentation of fruit with respect to its state of ripeness and genetic bent. The most popular varieties cultivated today are red, white, and pink hues, referring to the inside, pulp colour of the fruit. Flavour: Flavour ranges from highly acidic and somewhat bitter to sweet and tart. Fruit Tips How to Ripen: Keep the fruit at room temperature wrapped in a paper bag.

Grapefruit is juicier when they're slightly warm rather than cool, store them at room temperature. How to Store: Store them in the refrigerator for two to three weeks for future use. Health Benefits Grapefruit forms a core part of the "grapefruit diet", the theory behind being that the fruit's low glycemic index speeds up the body's metabolism. Chakotra / Jeruk Bali / Grapefruit / Pomelo / Dabbakaya is excellent to be consumed in fever as it is quenches thirst and removes the burning sensation. Grapefruit has shown to have beneficial effects in diabetes. Grapefruit provides a quick remedy for fatigue. Chakotra / Jeruk Bali / Grapefruit / Pomelo / Dabbakaya is valuable in stimulating bowel; the pulp when wholly taken supplies healthy bulk to aid bowel action.