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Turf Moor

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Turf Moor
A two-tiered cantilever football stand. The lower tier has light blue seats with some claret seats which spell the word "Clarets". The upper has all claret seating. Some floodlights are attached to the roof of the stand. A scattering of spectators can be seen in the seats.
MaalikBurnley Football Club
Baithe ke jagah21,401[1]
Field size114 x 72 yd[2]
Nirman ki shuruvat1833 (cricket ground kay jaisan)[3]
Udghatan17 February 1883[3]
Burnley Football Club

Turf Moor, ii England kay Burnley shehr, mae sthit ek football stadium hae. Ii Burnley Football Club ka home ground hae, ii ma 21,401 logo ke baithe ke jagah hae.[4][5]

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