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Usage[source ke badlo]

A box for searching the subpages, basically excluding the tagged page itself from the scope. If there are subpages besides talk archives you might want to change the search button label by using the searchbuttonlabel parameter (see below). You can see what this will search by putting the template on a page and doing a blank search. A list of all the subpages will come up.

Basic usage: {{search archives}}. For example, if you put it at Wikipedia talk:Talk pages, it will search the subpages of Wikipedia talk:Talk pages, excluding that page.

If you want to search different page's subpages, specify it as the parameter root like this:
{{search archives|prefix=Wikipedia talk:Disambiguation}}.

Use the parameter prefix instead of root to include the page itself to the search scope. (But if you pass prefix=HTML, it will search not only HTML, but also all pages beginning with "HTML", such as HTML element etc.)

Other parameters:

  • searchbuttonlabel: The button label.
  • search-width: The search box width. Defaults to 30.
Example: {{search archives|searchbuttonlabel=Search Wikipedia|search-width=80}}

Various outer boxes can be used. This way one can combine the search bar with an archive list:

As previously mentioned the search button text can be modified too. See above examples.

Templates to search Wikipedia[source ke badlo]

Fulltext search links[source ke badlo]

Search boxes[source ke badlo]

Search boxes are made by <inputbox> tags. See mw:Extension:InputBox.

Page title searches[source ke badlo]

  • {{in title}} – Search for pages whose name contains given words
  • {{look from}} – Search for pages whose name begins with a given word

For searches with exact matches, exact in upper and lower cases, or in punctuation marks, see Help:Searching#grep.

Other Wikipedia editor helper[source ke badlo]

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