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Template:Non-free Microsoft screenshot/doc

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Usage[source ke badlo]

Use this template to mark Microsoft screenshot and to alert the those who wish to download and use them of their legal rights and obligations. It replaces {{Non-free software screenshot}}. Note, however, that this template does not replace all instance of {{Non-free software screenshot}} for Microsoft product screenshots. Use of screenshots of boot-up screens, splash screens, opening screens as well as screenshots of Beta products are not allowed by Microsoft Terms of License. Therefore their use must be in compliance with Fair Use.

Syntax[source ke badlo]

Full syntax
{{Non-free Microsoft screenshot [|Category name][|image has rationale = yes]}}
  1. Character written in bold must be typed as shown
  2. Words written in italic must be replaced with appropriate letters
  3. Parameters enclosed in “[” and “]” are optional
Description of parameters
Parameter Description
Category name By default, images with this template will be sorted into Category:Screenshots of Windows software. Optionally, the first unnamed parameter can be a category name, so that a screenshot may be sorted into another category. For example:

{{Non-free Microsoft screenshot|Screenshots of Mac software}}

will place the image into Category:Screenshots of Mac software.

As of this writing (7 January 2010) no other suitable category exists. However, other categories might be created in the future.

image has rationale If it is set to yes, the notice box in the middle of the template which reminds the uploader to provide a fair use rationale is removed.

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