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Add this tag (do not subst) immediately above any licensing information, or in the date field of an {{information}} block. You may optionally specify a reason as the first parameter. Do not replace or remove any copyright or licensing information already present.

This template is meant to be used when an image is undated making it harder to check if the information(especially those about copryights) presented in the image description is incorrect or misleading, to prompt discussion or review by other contributors. If an image has blatantly false licensing information, such as a screenshot of a recent film tagged as public domain, use one of the templates below.

Use this template if:

  • The media is undated, preventing confirmation of its copyright status.
  • An image date would assist other contributors in locating the image in other sources.

Do not use this template if:

Images tagged with this template are placed in Category:Wikipedia files with no date.

See also

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