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This is the {{tl2}} template.

{{tl2}} is similar to {{tl}}. Tl stands for Template link. {{tl2}} is a macro template used to display a template name as a link surrounded by braces, thus showing how the template name would be used in code. Its primary use is in instruction and documentation.

{{tl2}} differs from {{tl}} in that it displays with a wider, monospaced text style, like {{tlx}}, and also takes the named parameters 'sister=xx' and 'lang=ll', so that it may also be used to list and link to templates on other English and non-English language sister projects.

Related template[source ke badlo]

{{tlx}} displays with the same enhanced presentation, and in addition expands several 'placeholder' parameters to generate a sample template call.

Usage[source ke badlo]

 {{Tl|template name to display}}
 {{Tl2|template name to display}} -- local link, just like Tl.
 {{Tl2|sister=V|template name to display}} -- displays a template on Wikiversity
 {{Tl2|lang=fr|sister=wikisource|template name to display}} -- displays a template 
                       on the French Wikisource sister project.

Example[source ke badlo]

Code Result
{{Tl|x0}} {{x0}}
{{Tl2|x1}} {{x1}}
{{Tl2|sister=M|3x}} {{3x}}
{{Tl2|sister=wikibooks|lang=de|WP}} {{WP}}

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