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Subhash Chand (boxer)

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Subhash Chand South Pacific khels me

Subhash Chand Fiji ke amateur boxer log me se sab se jaada medal jitis hae. Chand, Labasa ke rahaa jahan ke aur koi boxer abhi talak South Pacific khels me part nai liis hae.

1966 se lae ke 1971 talak, Chand Fiji ke Flyweight Champion rahaa. Uu National Championship me ek amateur boxer se compete karis binaa coach yah trainer ke madat se. Cjand ke record hae:

  • 1966 - 1971 - Fiji Flyweight Champion
  • 1966 Noumea South Pacific khels - Gold Medal
  • 1969 Port Moresby South Pacific khels - Gold Medal
  • 1971 Tahiti South Pacific khels - Silver Medal

Chand 1974 me boxing se retire hoe gias. Uske maut 1989 me bhais rahaa. 1996 me, Chand ke Fiji Sports Hall of Fame me lewa gais.

1974-1989 District Manager Toyota Auto Parts Western Division

January 1989 - Brain Tumor operation in Auckland, New Zealand. Remained in coma for one week in NZ then flown back to Lautoka Hospital, another week in coma.

Passed away February 1, 1989, day after he turned 46 years of age. Survived by wife and 3 children. Family live in Australia and USA