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National Assembly Square in central Sofia
National Assembly Square in central Sofia
Official flag of Sofia
Official seal of Sofia
Flag Seal
Motto: "Raste, no ne staree (Growing, but not growing old)"
Position of Sofia in Bulgaria
Position of Sofia in Bulgaria
Country Bulgaria
Province Sofia-City
 - Mayor Boyko Borisov
 - City 1349 km²
Elevation 550 m
 - City (2006-06-15) 1,346,791Template:Fact
 - Population density 1030/km²
 - Metropolitan area 1,608,406Template:Fact
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 - Summer EEST (UTC+3)

Sofia Republic of Bulgaria ke sab se barraa aur capital city hae. Iske population 1,246,791 hae aur ii European Union ke 15th sab se barraa city hae.[1] Sofia, Bulgaria ke west me hae.

Sofia, Europe ke sab se purana city me se ek hae. Sofia ke itihaas 8th century BC pichhe talak jaawe hae.

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