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I'm drunk by me myself Gun under me Seat Pushing high speed limits In my Mercedes When the blue lights flash they can't stop me Have an ounce of coke and two ounce of weed My head spins and I'm out for a good party With a few ladies and some ecstacy Get on her Knees and suck my dicky That's what I like cos I'm an Mc for the S

I'm back again, all your ladies say tell your friends Get on your knees and worship me I'm the best MC inside the country Say yes I am a beast Pat Flynn yes I run the south East Don't Fuck with me

Into the disco what did I see An old gypsy said they'd come for me Check the back pockets what did I see Sparkling keys of me new Bentley So I take em, put em in me pocket Out the door I'm gone like a rocket Into the car park what did I see Gypsy Beour In the car for me Oh hey yes sit in the back seat say stick my fingers into her Fanny Tell her yes what's on mind But I tell her just play it kind Walk to the room like a gentle man Feek them yes as fast as I can Out the door In my Audi A4 Say come on lads lets go for more

Say Jump to the beat non stop Who's on the Mic To Work It up Its the wicked Mc or local Gypsy It's the get up the get up, one two three Check one Like a bullet from a gun But the Irish crews we get the move on So do what you do what you like Pat Flynn yes don't give a shite,don't give a shite don't give a damn Dylan Roche in his transit Van Gonna rock the place I'm gonna break your face This Mc your a big disgrace Say float like a butterfly sting like a Bee Hit more men Mohammed Ali Feek more Beours then R Kelly Inside, get ready for the ride Say the bubble n Twist they let me down When I get up on the Mic i'm a rock this town Sounds a Dj pick up the pace With the Pat Flynn yes Im'ma break your face Listen to me and my Masterplan Pat Flynn yes In my Transit Van You know me yes I with the bag of weed and some ecstacy Come on sexy Lady

We start my Life at the age of 8 We started fighting set the boys straight We skip from 8 to the age of 9 Made that girly more than Mine Say Jumping at the age of ten Jump on the mic like Eminem Say listen when I was 11 Started school in fucking year 7 12 got kicked out school Started Feeking I was fucking cool Then 13 I robbed my first Car Handbrake up with the rear window Said to the Police man can't catch me Next week yes I'll be 14 15 I made my Cd Called myself the wicked Mc Say 16 we sniffed cocaine, Up the nose and into the brain

Pat Flynn yes I'm back again All you ladies say tell your friends Listen to me say I am the Business Pat Flynn Yes with the bubble and twist Bubble and twist They let me down When I get up on the mic Im'ma rock this Fucking Town Best Mc, Listen to Me With a bag a weed and some ecstasy With The Kilkun Girls and The Ballybeg Girls Get on your knees and suck my Dicky Hold tight yes I when the beat comes alive With that chick that better that better beat one time, one time

Yes I listen to me with this Bag a weed and some ecstasy Come on ladies yes say jump in the back Of the Mercedes (don't know!) Say Bentley you know the score, Pick up the mic you know you want more Drop to your knees you fucking whore and suck my cock You know you want more

Yes I , you're no contest Up on the Mic with the Bullet proof vest