Gndhar meher

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          Just home and love the words are small                
           four little letters unto each;                   
            And yet you will not find in all       
           the wide and gracious range of speech       
           tow more so tenderly complete    
           when angles talk in Heaven above,        
           I am sure they have no words more sweet        
              than home and love.      
            just home and love ;its hard to guess     
            which of the tow ere best to gain;     
            home without love is vittrness;              
             love without home is often pain.       
            No each alone will seldom do;    
             somehow thy travel hand and glove    
          if you win on you must have tow,        
             both home and love.     
          and if you have both, well think i am sure      
          you ought to sing the whole day long;     
         it does not matter if you are poor     
          with these to make divine your song.  
         And so i praisefully repeat,    
        when angles talk in heaven above,       
        there are no words more simply sweet      
         Than home and love.