Fiji me athletics

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The sport of Athletics started in the early days of the colony and was in most part instigated the formation of the Fiji Amateur Sport Association. The sport started in Levuka, the old capital of Fiji where it was associated with betting. After the formation of the Suva Amateur Sports Club in 1936 competitions were held in Suva and Levuka. New Zealand service men stationed in Fiji(Laucala - now USP) during the war in the early 1940s fueled interest in the sport through regular competitions at Buckhurst Park. In 1947 the Fiji Amateur Athletics Association was formed. The sport of Athletics at that time were mostly run by expariates who were working in Fiji who were often amazed at the natural talent of local athletes.In 1950 Fiji sent a team to the Commonwealth Games in New Zealand where they won a number of medals in the mens shot, discus and javelin.

Athletics me Fiji ke Hindustani logan jaada kar ke long distance running me part le hae. Kuchh jaane maane Hindustani athletes rahin:

  • Shri Chand (Mushroom) - long distance aur marathon
  • Atma Maharaj - walking