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Fiji Hindi sabd jiske matlab Hindi-Urdu se badal gais

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Dher Hindi/Urdu/Hindustani sabd ke matlab Fiji Hindi me badal gais hae. Iske kaaran Fiji me iske matlab badle se nai to India me iske matlab badal gais jab ki Fiji me purana matlab chale hae..[1] Kuchh sabd hae:

Fiji Hindi sabd Fiji Hindi meaning Original Hindi/Urdu/Hindustani meaning
bigha acre 1 bigha = 1600 square yards or 0.1338 hectare or 0.3306-acre (1,338 m2)
Bombaiyaa Gujaratis (Indians) from city of mumbai
fokatiyaa useless bankrupt
baade flood flooding
bakera crab Fiji crab (kekra)
jhaap shed temporarly built shed
jaati native Fijian race
juluum beautiful tyranny, difficulty, amazing (Zalim (Arabic,Farsi, Hindi/Urdu) meaning "cruel" is metaphorically used for beautiful object of affection)
kal yesterday yesterday or tomorrow
kamaanii small spear (for prawns) wire, spring
Mandaraaji South Indian original word, Madraasi, meant "from Madras (or Tamil Nadu)"
palla door shutter
Punjabi Sikh native of Punjab, either Hindu, Muslim or Sikh
kaunchi what from kaun cheez literally meaning what thing or what stuff
taharo stroll wait
bhagao elope abduct
maalik god employer/owner
bekaar bad, not good, useless unemployed, nothing to do
ustaad A person who thinks smart of himself Master, Professor
talaasi body serch search, inquiry, quest
tapke throbbing dripping, falling
hadd unbelievable action boundry, limit
khuub a lot good, excellent, beautiful
jabar big above, suprior, great
farmais reques order for goods/requisition/pleasure/will
mast happy drunk
maharbaani please favour, indness
nakhrraa fashion airr/coquetry/trick/pretence/swagger
nisana aim mark/sign/signal/emblem/target/scar/trace


  1. Barz, Richard; Jeff Siegel (1988). Language transplanted: the development of overseas Hindi. Wiesbaden: Otto harrassowitz. ISBN 3-477-02872-6.