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Fiji Football Association

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Fiji Football Association, Fiji me football ke governing body hae. Ii 1961 me suruu bhais, jab ke Fiji Indian Football Association ke ek multiracial body banawa gais.

Fiji me football suruu bhais[badlo | source ke badlo]

Fiji me football ke gora logan suruu kare rahin. Football started to be played in Fiji ever since the arrival of Europeans in Fiji and establishment of towns like Levuka where significant numbers of sports enthusiasts could congregate and socialise with a friendly game. Missionaries, who established schools in Fiji, introduced football as part of the school program and football was being played in schools as early as 1889. The Suva Soccer Football Club was formed in 1905, made up of European employees of the Government and businesses and similar clubs existed in Nausori and Levuka. In 1910, a team representing Suva played a match against a team representing Nausori. Crew of visiting naval ships also entertained themselves with friendly games of football with local teams. In 1910 a team from Suva played a game against a team from HMS Powerful and won 3 goals to 1. In 1914, a team from Suva played against a team from HMS Torch, at Albert Park, and won by 2 goals to nil.

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