Dante Alighieri

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Dante Alighieri
head-and-chest side portrait of Dante in red and white coat and cowl
Dante Alighieri, painted by Giotto in the chapel of the Bargello palace in Florence. This oldest portrait of Dante was painted during his lifetime before his exile from his native city.
Janam mid-May to mid-June 1265
Maut September 14, 1321 (aged about 56)
Kaam Statesman, poet, language theorist
Nationality Italian
A portrait of Dante, from a fresco in Palazzo dei Giudici, Florence.

Dante Alighieri, jiske jaada kar ke Danteke naam se jaana jaawe hae (14 May/13 June 1265 - 14 September 1321), ek Italian poet rahaa jon ki Florence me rahat rahaa. Uske khaae kaam Commedia (Divine Comedy), ke Italian bhasa me sab se achchhaa literary work maana jaawe hae. Italian me uske "the Supreme Poet" (il Sommo Poeta) bola jaawe hae.

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