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Charles Darwin

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Charles Darwin
Three quarter length portrait showing Darwin's characteristic large forehead and bushy eyebrows with deep set eyes, pug nose and mouth set in a determined look. He is bald on top, with dark hair and long side whiskers but no beard or moustache. His jacket is dark, with very wide lapels, and his trousers are a light check pattern. His shirt has an upright wing collar, and his cravat is tucked into his waistcoat which is a light fine checked pattern.
Charles Robert Darwin, 1854 me 45 saal ke umar me, jab uu On the Origin of Species pe kaam karat rahaa.
Born12 February 1809(1809-02-12)
Mount House, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England
Died19 April 1882 (aged 73)
Down House, Downe, Kent, England
InstitutionsRoyal Geographical Society
Alma materUniversity of Edinburgh
University of Cambridge
Academic advisorsJohn Stevens Henslow
Adam Sedgwick
Known forThe Voyage of the Beagle
On The Origin of Species
Natural selection
InfluencesCharles Lyell
Joseph Dalton Hooker
InfluencedThomas Henry Huxley
George John Romanes
Notable awardsRoyal Medal (1853)
Wollaston Medal (1859)
Copley Medal (1864)
Religious stanceChurch of England, though Unitarian family background, Agnostic after 1851.
"Charles Darwin", with the last name underlined by a downward curve that mimics the curve of the initial "C"
He was a grandson of Erasmus Darwin and a grandson of Josiah Wedgwood, and married his cousin Emma Wedgwood.

Charles Robert Darwin (12 February 1809 - 19 April 1882 [1]) ek English scientist rahaa jon ki nature ke study karat rahaa. Uske jaada kar ke theory of evolution khatir jaana jaawe hae.

1859 copy of Origins of Species

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