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Carl Linnaeus (Carl von Linné)
Carl von Linné, Alexander Roslin, 1775. Currently owned by and displayed at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.
Born May 13, 1707(1707-05-13) (see
article note:[1])
Råshult, Älmhult, Sweden
Died January 10, 1778 (aged 70)
Uppsala, Sweden
Residence Sweden
Nationality Flag of Sweden.svg Swedish
Fields Zoology, Medicine, Botany
Alma mater Lund University
Uppsala University
University of Harderwijk
Known for Taxonomy
Author abbreviation (botany) L.
Religious stance Church of Sweden
Linnaeus adopted the name Carl von Linné after his 1761 ennoblement awarded him the title von. He is the father of Carolus Linnaeus the Younger.

Carolus Linnaeus (23 May 170710 January 1778) ek Swedish botanist, physician aur zoologist rahaa[2] jon ki Binomial nomenclature ke banais rahaa. Uske "father of modern taxonomy" bola jaawe hae.

Notes and references[badlo | source ke badlo]

  1. “Carl Linnaeus was born in Råshult, Småland, in 1707 on May 13th (Swedish Style) or 23rd according to our present calendar.” Citation: Linnaeus the child by Uppsala University. Accordning to the Julian calendar he was born on May 12th.
  2. Stafleu, F.A. (1976-1998) Taxonomic Literature second edition. An authoritative work on the names of botanists, their works and publication data, issued under the auspices of the IAPT.

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