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Bihar ke districts

Birban India ke state Bihar ke Purnia division ke Araria district ka ek gaon hae. Birban is a village aituated at western part of Kursakanta in Araria district of Bihar. Birban is also a Mouja for revenue collection.Vachaspati Bhaskar is a citizen of this village. Birban Village JAGIR PARASI Panchayat KURSAKANTA is situated in Araria District. People of this village are living in very peaceful manner. This village having very proud history. Agriculture is the main profession of this village. Still this village is waiting for Industrial development. Education, Drinking water, Road and Electricity are the main concern of this village. Young generation is more attracted towards mobile, Laptop and computer technology these days. If banks and finance institutions proved loan and other financial support to the villagers, this village will see the real development. Medical and health services has to be improved.