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A two-tiered stand which has red seats, there are also white seats which spell out "L.F.C.. In front of the stand is a field of grass
View from the Anfield Road Stand
Location Liverpool,
Coordinates 53°25′50.98″N 2°57′39.05″W / 53.4308278°N 2.9608472°W / 53.4308278; -2.9608472Coordinates: 53°25′50.98″N 2°57′39.05″W / 53.4308278°N 2.9608472°W / 53.4308278; -2.9608472
Maalik Liverpool Football Club
Operator Liverpool Football Club
Executive suites 32
Baithe ke jagah 45,276[1]
Field size 101 x 68 metres
110 x 74 yd[2]
Surface Ghas[3]
Banaa rahaa 1884
Udghatan 1884
Liverpool Football Club

Anfield, ii England kay Liverpool shehr, mae sthit ek football stadium hae. Ii Liverpool Football Club ka home ground hae, ii ma 45,276 logo ke baithe ke jagah hae.[1]

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Panorama Anfield, 20.12.2012, Point of View: Anfield Road Stand; left: Centenary Stand, middle: Kop Stand; right: Main Stand