1933 ke by-election (Fiji)

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1933 ke by-election, ii kaaran se karaa gais rahaa kahe ki K. B. Singh aapan Southern Indian Constituency ke seat se resign kar diis rahaa common roll ke prasthao ke ek aur dafe Council reject kar diis.

Ii election me Singh aasani se jiit gais. Waada ke anusaar duuno common roll ke prasthao rakkhin lekin jab ii prasthao gir gais tab Singh resign kar diis lekin Mudaliar nai resign karis. 1933 me Singh ke khaali seat ke khatir by-election bhais

Southern Indian Constituency[badlo | source ke badlo]

Election ke result rahaa:[1]

K. B. Singh 382
Narbahadur Singh 25
Informal 31
Total 438

Chuna gais member ke chapa[badlo | source ke badlo]

Sydney Morning Herald ke report (Tuesday 4 July 1933)[badlo | source ke badlo]

SUVA, June 23
Moslems refused to take part in the election for the extraordinary vacancy in the Indian Southern Division. They said they wanted a separate roll, because their numbers were much less than the Hindus, who would do- minate the poll. Then the two candidates who contested the previous election again fought out the issue, with the result that the man who was beaten last time received so few votes (25 in all) that he lost his deposit. The successful candidate is the nominee of Indian Reform party.

References[badlo | source ke badlo]

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