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'''{{PAGENAME}} (School Code: )''', oneFiji ofke the top schools in ba,most talented teachers have been posted to thisek school alsohae. is a2006 veryme strictii school since it is a muslim school and students required to abide by the rules more thanme academic successlarrkan ofparrhat studentsrahin.<ref>[http://archive.is/20121205105505/www.education.gov.fj/forms/PUBLICATIONS&PRESS%20RELEASES/ANNUAL%20REPORTS/ANNUAL%20REPORTS%202004%20TO%202006/ANNUAL%20REPORT%202006/2006%20AR%20Tables/2006%20AR%20Tables%20IX_X/2006%20Roll%20Worksheet.xls 2006 Roll Worksheet.xls - Ministry of Education]</ref>
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