Albanian bhasa

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Naam ke bole ke dhang [ʃcip]
Spoken in Primarily in Southeastern Europe and by the Albanian diaspora worldwide.
Total speakers 5.8 million[1]
Language family Indo-European
  • Albanian
Writing system Latin alphabet (Albanian variant)
Official status
Official language in Flag of Albania.svg Albania
Flag of Kosovo.svg Kosovo[2]
and recognised as a minority language in:
Flag of Italy.svg Italy
Flag of Macedonia.svg Macedonia
Flag of Montenegro.svg Montenegro
Flag of Romania.svg Romania
Flag of Serbia.svg Serbia
Regulated by officially by the Social Sciences and Albanological Section of the Academy of Sciences of Albania
Language codes
ISO 639-1 sq
ISO 639-2 alb (B)  sqi (T)
ISO 639-3 sqiMacrolanguage
individual codes:
aln – Gheg
aae – Arbëreshë
aat – Arvanitika
als – Tosk
Linguasphere 55-AAA-aaa to 55-AAA-ahe (25 varieties)

Albanian bhasa ek bhasa hae.

References[badlo | edit source]

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  2. Has limited international recognition. Considered to be an independent state by 76 UN members.