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'''Amsterdam''' (pronouncedˈæmstərdæm; Dutch bhasa: ɑmstərˈdɑm), [[Netherlands]] ke sab se barraa aur [[capital]] [[city]] hae. Iske abaadi 1.36 million log hae.
Iske naam ''Amstellerdam'' se aais hae,<ref name="Britannica Eleven">[[Encyclopædia Britannica Eleventh Edition]], Vol 1, p896-898.</ref> jon ki ii dekhae hae ki ii city riverAmstel [[Amstel]]Naddi pe ek damdaam se suruu bhais rahaa. Ii suruu me ek chhota machhri maare waala Settledgaon as a small fishing village in the laterahaa. 12th century me, Amsterdam, becamedunia oneke ofek thesab mostse importantkhaas [[port]]s inbanaa, the world during the [[Dutch Golden Age]], ake resulttime, ofjab itstrade innovativeme developmentsdher inprogress [[trade]]bhais. During thatIi time, theme ii city was the leading centre for finance andaur [[diamond]]s ke ek khaas centre rahaa.<ref>[http://www.cambridge.org/catalogue/catalogue.asp?isbn=9780521845359&ss=exc] Capitals of Capital -A History of International Financial Centres - 1780–2005, Youssef Cassis, ISBN 978-0-521-84535-9</ref> 19th aur 20th century me aur dher suburbs jorraa gais rahaa.
The city is the financial and cultural<ref>After Athens in 1985 and Florence in 1986, Amsterdam was in 1986 chosen as the [[European Capital of Culture]], confirming its eminent position in Europe and the Netherlands. See here [http://ec.europa.eu/culture/our-programmes-and-actions/doc443_en.htm] for an overview of the European cities and capitals of culture over the years.</ref> capital of the Netherlands. Many large Dutch institutions have their headquarters there, and 7 of the world's top 500 companies, including [[Philips]] and [[ING Group|ING]], are based in the city.<ref>[http://www.forbes.com/lists/2008/18/biz_2000global08_The-Global-2000-Netherlands_10Rank.html] [[Forbes Global 2000]] Largest Companies - Dutch rankings.</ref> The [[Amsterdam Stock Exchange]], the oldest stock exchange in the world is located in the city centre. [[List of tourist attractions in Amsterdam|Amsterdam's main attractions]], including its [[Canals of Amsterdam|historic canals]], the [[Rijksmuseum Amsterdam|Rijksmuseum]], the [[Van Gogh Museum]], [[Hermitage Amsterdam]], [[Anne Frank House]], its [[red-light district]], and its many [[cannabis coffee shop]]s draw more than 3.66 million international visitors annually.<ref name="ams2009">{{cite web|title=Key Figures Amsterdam 2009: Tourism|url=http://www.os.amsterdam.nl/tabel/13871/|publisher=City of Amsterdam Department for Research and Statistics|date=2009|accessdate=30 September 2009}}</ref>


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