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Scientist log batae hai ki million saal pahile khaali ek [[ocean]] rahaa, aur jaada kar ke jamin saathe jurra rahaaa jahan pe abhi Atlantic Ocean hai. Dhire dhire ii fat ke kuch tukrra me oe gais. Dire dire ii faarr me paani bhar gais.
[[File:Porto Covo pano April 2009-4.jpg|thumb|250px|The Atlantic Ocean as seen from the western coast of [[Portugal]]|alt=Photo of surf breaking on rocky shore]]
Atlantic Ocean ke west me North America aur South America hae. Ii [[Denmark Strait]], [[Greenland Sea]], [[Norwegian Sea]] aur [[Barents Sea]] se jaae ke [[Arctic Ocean]] se mile hae. Iske east me [[Europe]] hae aur ii [[Strait of Gibraltar]] se [[Mediterranean Sea]] – se mile hae.
Southeast me Atlantic, Indian Ocean se mile hae. [[20th meridian east|20° East meridian]], jon ki [[Cape Agulhas]] se [[Antarctica]] talak south me jaawe hae, iske border hae. defines its border. Some authorities show it extending south to [[Antarctica]], while others show it bounded at the [[60th parallel south|60° parallel]] by the Southern Ocean.<ref>[http://iodeweb5.vliz.be/oceanteacher/index.php?module=contextview&action=contextdownload&id=gen11Srv32Nme37_366 ''Limits of Oceans and Seas'']. International Hydrographic Organization Special Publication No. 23, 1953.</ref>
In the southwest, the [[Drake Passage]] connects it to the Pacific Ocean. The [[wikt:man-made|man-made]] [[Panama Canal]] links the Atlantic and Pacific. Besides those mentioned, other large bodies of water adjacent to the Atlantic are the [[Caribbean Sea]]; the [[Gulf of Mexico]]; [[Hudson Bay]]; the Arctic Ocean; the Mediterranean Sea; the [[North Sea]]; the [[Baltic Sea]] and the [[Celtic Sea]].
Covering approximately 22% of Earth's surface, the Atlantic is second in size to the Pacific. With its adjacent seas, it occupies an area of about {{convert|106400000|km2|sqmi}};<ref name="brit" /> without them, it has an area of {{convert|82400000|km2|sqmi}}. The land that drains into the Atlantic covers four times that of either the Pacific or Indian oceans. The volume of the Atlantic with its adjacent seas is 354,700,000&nbsp;cubic kilometers (85,100,000&nbsp;[[cubic mile|cu mi]]) and without them 323,600,000&nbsp;cubic kilometres (77,640,000&nbsp;cu mi).
The average depth of the Atlantic, with its adjacent seas, is {{convert|3339|m|ft}}; without them it is {{convert|3926|m|ft}}. The greatest depth, [[Milwaukee Deep]] with {{convert|8380|m|ft}}, is in the [[Puerto Rico Trench]]. The Atlantic's width varies from {{convert|2848|km|mi}} between [[Brazil]] and [[Sierra Leone]] to over {{convert|6400|km|mi|abbr=on}} in the south.{{Citation needed|date=April 2011}}
[[nso:Atlantic Ocean]]


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