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The charts below show the way in which the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) represents Albanian pronunciations in Wikipedia articles.

See Albanian language for a more thorough look at the sounds of Albanian.

Consonants[source ke badlo]

IPA Description Written as Pronounced as in
p Voiceless bilabial plosive p Template:Bold dark reden
b Voiced bilabial plosive b Template:Bold dark redat
t Voiceless alveolar plosive t Template:Bold dark redan
d Voiced alveolar plosive d Template:Bold dark redebt
c Voiceless palatal plosive q Template:Bold dark redute
ɟ Voiced palatal plosive gj arTemplate:Bold dark redue
k Voiceless velar plosive k Template:Bold dark redar
ɡ Voiced velar plosive g Template:Bold dark redo
ts Voiceless alveolar affricate c haTemplate:Bold dark red
dz Voiced alveolar affricate x gooTemplate:Bold dark red
Voiceless postalveolar affricate ç Template:Bold dark redin
Voiced postalveolar affricate xh Template:Bold dark redet
θ Voiceless dental fricative th Template:Bold dark redin
ð Voiced dental fricative dh Template:Bold dark reden
f Voiceless labiodental fricative f Template:Bold dark redar
v Voiced labiodental fricative v Template:Bold dark redan
s Voiceless alveolar fricative s Template:Bold dark redon
z Voiced alveolar fricative z Template:Bold dark redip
ʃ Voiceless postalveolar fricative sh Template:Bold dark redow
ʒ Voiced postalveolar fricative zh viTemplate:Bold dark redion
h Voiceless glottal fricative h Template:Bold dark redat
m Bilabial nasal m Template:Bold dark redan
n Alveolar nasal n Template:Bold dark redot
ɲ Palatal nasal nj oTemplate:Bold dark redon
ŋ Velar nasal ng baTemplate:Bold dark red
j Palatal approximant j Template:Bold dark redes
l Alveolar lateral approximant l Template:Bold dark redean
ɫ Velarized alveolar lateral approximant ll baTemplate:Bold dark red
r Alveolar trill rr Spanish peTemplate:Bold dark redo
ɾ Alveolar tap r Spanish peTemplate:Bold dark redo


  • The palatal stops /c/ and /ɟ/ occur in English as allophones of /k/ and /ɡ/ before front vowels. Palatal stops are phonemic in many languages including Hungarian and Icelandic.
  • The palatal nasal /ɲ/ corresponds to the Spanish ñ and the French and Italian gn. It is pronounced as one sound, not a nasal plus a glide.
  • The ll sound is a velarised lateral, close to English dark L.
  • The contrast between flapped r and trilled rr is the same as in Spanish. English does not have either of the two sounds phonemically. The tt in butter is a flapped r for most North Americans and Australians.
  • The letter ç is sometimes written ch due to technical limitations because of its use in English sound and its analogy to the other digraphs xh, sh, and zh. Usually it is written simply c or more rarely q with context resolving any ambiguities.

Vowels[source ke badlo]

IPA Description Written as Pronounced as in
i Close front unrounded vowel i sTemplate:Bold dark redd
ɛ Open-mid front unrounded vowel e bTemplate:Bold dark redd
a Open front unrounded vowel a fTemplate:Bold dark redther, Spanish cTemplate:Bold dark redsa
ə Schwa ë Template:Bold dark redbout
ɔ Open-mid back rounded vowel o lTemplate:Bold dark red, tTemplate:Bold dark redss
y Close front rounded vowel y French tTemplate:Bold dark red, German Template:Bold dark redber
u Close back rounded vowel u bTemplate:Bold dark redt

Notes[source ke badlo]